Testimony from an Oil Sista ~ Rebecca Tero

Many of you have already heard my oily testimony, but for those of you who haven’t, here it is!

About fifteen years ago I became really interested in herbs, nutrition, and naturally healthy and wholesome living in general. I studied off and on and learned more when I had the time. I did research, read books, wrote articles, and had a lot of fun with it! Little did I know…

A couple years later I was involved in a sports accident that gave me severe whiplash that took eight months to get under control. The very next spring I had a very complex ankle injury that took six months to heal to the point where I could walk normally. The next year started a long journey of food sensitivities, nutritional, adrenal, and hormonal imbalances, as well as repercussions from my previous injuries and another complex injury to boot!

When I say it was a journey, I mean just that. There were many long, unpleasant and painful moments, but now I look back and am SO thankful for all of it. The main reason is because God really used it in my life to bring me to where I am today. The second reason is because I learned just how much I can rely totally on God and His creation for the health and wellness of my body!

As I was going through each difficulty, we would eventually wind up turning to natural means. As I researched I learned even more about different herbs and their benefits, as well as nutrition and general health and wellness. I began to use herbs in their natural form for my many issues, and my entire family was thankful to see marked improvement. It was amazing to see just how much my body needed these herbs to balance, and the wonderful thing was that it was happening naturally! I had used essential oils on and off throughout the years, but I never even thought about being able to use them like other herbs! My cousin started talking to me about them, and I started doing my research. After doing a TON of research about Young Living and essential oils in general over three months, I had one of those "lightbulb" moments. Essential oils are the same as using other herbs, only I don't have to take as much to get twice the effect! So with God’s leading, I made the jump.

The past year has been wonderful! I had already improved drastically in my health from using my herbal supplements, but I was spending $130 per month on the basic supplements that I needed and nothing else. Now I have a whole medicine box full of oils that I can use for any and every issue that comes up, and I am using MUCH less than $130 per month's worth! I am now doing better than I ever have. I feel balanced, happy and energetic. My hormones are more balanced than they have been in my entire life, and my family is very appreciative of that fact! The added blessing is that with sharing about what God has taught me about His creation in the form of essential oils, He is providing me with enough money to pay for my oils and more!

One night a few months ago I was lying in bed and I suddenly realized, my back isn't hurting, my gut isn't hurting, I'm relaxed and not stressed with my mind going a million directions to keep me awake for hours....

Was this what NORMAL was supposed to be like? Praise God for the new normal!!!

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