Friday, May 15, 2015


One of the most important things we deal with when having a family and raising our children is health. Runny noses, fevers, the occasional stomach or flu virus, broken bones, and so many other issues are just a part of life when raising a family. We love our family, and one of the things we are beginning to realize is that the medical field is not always right or cost efficient when it comes to treatment, and we are beginning to search for more natural means and methods with which to treat our families. While God has blessed us with doctors and pharmaceutical medicines for many things, there are more safe and natural ways to treat our family, and instead of going to the doctor for EVERY sniffle and cough, we should seek the Lord’s direction for how HE would desire us to care for our family’s physical needs.

What would you think about learning of a better, biblical way of helping your family to fight illness and improve their overall general health? A more gentle, natural, and non-toxic way to enjoy more energy, better sleep, and ease many different health discomforts? This is not a “cure it all” spiel of how this can solve every health problem and issue in your home, but an educational experience demonstrating how we can utilize some of God’s amazing handiwork as it was designed to be used. God blessed us with His wonderful creation for a reason, and in Young Living** Essential Oils you experience the most concentrated form of His “medicine” specially crafted and created by His own hands to meet many of our physical needs. As it says in Psalm 104:14, “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man:”

This is not a sales speech, though we do heartily encourage using Young Living essential oils, you will learn the basic chemistry of essential oils, ways they can be used, and a few of the many health benefits and uses of some of the most common essential oils.

Please join me as we learn how to take the purest form of medicinal benefits from God's creation and use them to enhance and maintain our bodies in service to Him!

Please note: These statements and the statements made on this site have not been FDA approved. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**Young Living is a company dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of products possible. Did you know that according to government, you only have to have at least 10% of pure essential oil in a bottle in order to label it 100% pure? These essential oils rightly also have warnings for using on infants and in excess. You will also find they expiration dates. Young Living Essential oils IS 100% pure essential oil, and according to Dr. Herve Casabianca (Ph.D.), Chairman of the International Standards Organization (ISO) Committee on Essential Oil Standards (a European agency whose acronym is AFNOR), Young Living is the only North American company that sends samples on a steady basis to the AFNOR laboratory in France for testing against the international standards for therapeutic quality. In Dr. Casabianca’s own words, "Young Living oils are the only therapeutic grade oils, of which I am aware, produced and/or marketed by an American company."

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