Friday, June 3, 2016

100 Essential Oils in 100 Days - Day 3 - Basil

Did you know... Italian women actually wore basil to attract possible suitors!

The origin of the word "Basil" actually came from the Greek word "basileum," which literally translates into the word "king." The Greeks actually referred to basil as the "king of all plants!"

This is actually is pretty neat to me, considering HOW MUCH basil can be used for! Some of the favorite uses for basil are to help refresh the mind and restore mental alertness, soothe and relax muscles, respiratory support, and coolant for the skin!

Basil essential oil is derrived from the steam distilled from the leaves, stems and flowers of the basil plant.

Young Living blends containing basil are Aroma Siez (FAVORITE!!!), Clarity and M-Grain. Those names give you a hint as to how AMAZING this stuff is?

Main systems it is used to support:
-Muscle and Bone

And if that wasn't enough... Basil vitality essential oil is a MUST in your kitchen! You've not lived until you've had some Tomato Basil Soup made with this stuff!

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