Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lovin' the Lavender Fields!!

Okay, so I'll try to catch up a little bit at a time... But here are the lavender fields I've been raving about!!

When we drove up, I could catch the occasional whiff of Lavender, but actually going into the field?? Oh my! I could just lay in it all day! Truthfully, lavender is not my favorite essential oil, but when I got out to the field it was just a soft, relaxing scent wafting through the air. AMAZING.

Being a Master Gardener in Louisiana taught me a LOT, and realizing that, not only did Young Living grow their own herbs for their essential oils, but they do it beyond organically was SO exciting!!

I was happy, (yes, actually happy!) to see weeds growing in the fields, because that meant they did not use any herbicides, and the bugs were more than plentiful, so that meant they didn't use any pesticides either! :D The only control they use is the essential oils they produced that did not meet up to the company's stellar packaging standards, so instead of selling them, they use them as all-natural pest help and fertilizer in their fields! How cool is that??

I was also SUPER excited to realize that they save their own seeds and replant their own seed for next year's crop. I know, probably a "duh!" thing, but I guess I had never thought about it!

More to come about the farm, I promise! But I'm just doing it bit by bit!

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