Saturday, June 4, 2016

100 Oils in 100 Days - Day 4 - En-R-Gee

Naturally uplifting without the jolt of caffeine... who WOULDN'T want to try it! :D

This blend increases vitality, circulation and alertness. I love to put it on the soles of my feet first thing in the morning before a very long day at work, and sometimes even again at lunch time! I'm sure from some of the looks I get that it should be wrong to be THAT bouncy during the day time! :)


Essential Oils that make up En-R-Gee blend:

Rosemary - Energizes and reduces mental fatigue

Juniper - Improves circulation and aids in detoxification

Lemongrass - Naturally uplifting and gives some major adrenal support!

Nutmeg - Increases energy and supports the adrenals

Balsam Fir - Emotionally grounding and stimulating

Clove - Can sharpen brain function and increase energy

Black Pepper - Can increase energy and stimulate the endocrine system


Main systems it is used to support:
-Nervous System
-Emotional Balance

Want to learn more, or better yet get started on your own oily journey? Check out my website, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! 

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