Saturday, May 21, 2016

ANNOUNCING.... Blog Kick-Off Giveaway!!!

I am SO excited about how God has been leading me, and this blog is just one of the many areas He has been having me move forward in!

In honor of this blog kick-off I am doing an UNBELIEVABLE giveaway! :D

Stay tuned for some more information...

One of the main reasons we turn to essential oils for the health and wellness of our homes is because of our family! Well what better way to get started than to offer some gifts to support our kids health and wellness!

Debra Raybern is who I like to think of as the queen of oily babies! :D She uses essential oils in such a knowledgeable and loving way for her family and blessed us greatly by writing a book about all that she has learned! From specific suggestions to encouragement in mixing your own blends to support health through pregnancy, child birth, and infant and toddler years, Debra imparts a wealth of knowledge in her book Gentle Babies.

Young Living has a line of essential oils called KidScents that are specially formulated and pre-diluted to be used straight from the bottle to your kids! Owie is just one of six AMAZING blends we can use on our kids with confidence! The titles of each blend gives you a pretty good idea on how each one is used!

Owie is one of the favorites of our Young Living mothers and one that is carried around consistently in purse or diaper bag! :D

So, are you interested?? :D

Entering to win is simple! :D Either share this giveaway on Facebook or pin on Pinterest! If you do either directly from this page be sure to comment below and let me know!

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