Saturday, May 21, 2016

So... What Can I Use Essential Oils For?

 There are so many different ways oils can be used! They can be used as a healthy, chemical-free alternative for any and every household product including cleaners, bath and body products, and cooking! They can also be used to promote wellness in our many pets. Last, but certainly not least, they can be used to encourage our bodies to function in the healthiest way possible and promote overall wellness in our families!

Let me say here that I absolutely cannot diagnose or treat any health issue, I can only speak about the education I have done to maintain a healthy balanced life both physically and mentally.

I have learned about the different body systems and the oils that can help these systems find balance. I have begun to encourage my members to do their own research. If you have a question about a certain health issue, type into google or some other search engine your health issue + body system, and then we can discuss what oils we can use to support that body system.

So how can we use our oils? To urge our bodies into an overall healthy, well-balanced way of life!

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