Friday, May 20, 2016

So... What ARE essential oils??

Welcome to the world of discovering the complexity and beauty of these amazing gifts from nature! Essential oils are the aromatic liquids found in trees, flowers, bushes, branches, stems, fruits, needles, roots & seeds.

Have you ever pinched a rosemary or lavender plant between your fingertips, then all of sudden you smelled a very strong liquid come from the plant? Or have you ever cut a lemon and noticed a backsplash coming from the pores in the rind? THOSE are essential oils! They are referred to as the “life-force of a plant” or, as we like to call them, the plant’s immune system. Their job, essentially, is to protect the cells of the plant from disease and decay. And that’s exactly what they do for the cells of our body! Keeping plants safe from disease and decay. What essential oils do for the plant is how they work in us. Essential oils are composed of HUNDREDS of chemical constituents (meaning they can cover a plethora of health issues) and are extracted through steam distillation (not killed; not extracted with chemicals). When plants are dried, 95-97% of the essential oil of the plant is lost. So by using essential oils, we are getting a complete chemical profile in every drop.

They are much more potent than the herbs or plants they come from:
-1 drop of Peppermint is equivalent to 26 cups of Peppermint tea
-1 drop of Lemon is equivalent to 40 lemons

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