Sunday, May 22, 2016

Back to the Basics of Creation

 Modern medicine has certainly helped many people, but many of us turn from our faith in God and what He originally designed for us to man and the drugs he synthetically created. While Modern medicine is helpful, and even necessary in some cases, we have also turned over our everyday health and the general maintenance of our bodies in preventing illness to the modern day medicine of drugs and surgery.

Let's look towards getting back to the basics of creation. Getting back to the means and methods God Himself created for us to promote healthy living. Just as we trust God for every breath of air we take, even so we should trust Him for the means by which we can pursue and maintain healthy living.

As we turn to His creation for our health support, we are in a sense turning to God in a special way, proclaiming that His creation, these herbs He so perfectly created down to the tiniest chemical molecule to work together with our bodies at a cellular level, HIS handiwork and HIS grace is what we are trusting in for our health.


All health ultimately comes from GOD.

Essential oils, just as any other thing God has blessed us with, are not a "miracle cure" or a guaranteed "cure-all." While God has used them in many amazing and exciting ways in the lives of families everywhere, they are simply a tool, a means of supporting health that He provides for us.

There may be times of disease or sickness in our lives that God brings to teach us, to teach others, or to attain ultimate glory in our lives. So while He may use His amazing creation to help support our bodies in health and wellness, His ultimate design is for us to keep our eyes fully on Him for our health and wellness and ability to serve Him with all we are!

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