Friday, May 20, 2016

Thieves Household Cleaner

One of the benefits of living in this day and age is the amount of effort we put into personal hygiene. Every store has a large portion of their store dedicated to personal hygiene and cleaning supplies. Anti-bacterial products line the shelves and chemical-filled cloths and mops make for a quick and easy clean up option. This is pretty convenient for the average person, and we don’t think twice about grabbing them and putting them in our buggy.

Did you know that just about every common cleaner on the market contains ingredients that can cause very devastating side effects? When you stop and think about it, doesn’t every bottle or canister you purchase come with a very strict warning in the event of getting the contents in your eyes, inhaling, or ingesting the cleaner. Now, if it is harmful in any of those aspects, than what on earth are we keeping it in our house for? Much less using it on things that our family will walk/sit/play on or with? Think about those major mommy freak out moments when little Jimmy sprayed some sink cleaner into little Patty’s eyes!

There are many MUCH safer alternatives, and if you’re like me, you like to go as naturally as possible! In the world of essential oils, there are SO many different ways to use your oils as cleaning agents, just google for recipes for all natural cleaners using essential oils!

Last year I got some Thieves cleaner from Young Living, partially because I am so sensitive to harsh chemicals, and partially because my cousin with nine children ten and under uses it completely worry free and even teaches her children how to clean house with it! When she told me what a relief it was to know it was harmless the time her daughter decided to drink the cleaner, I HAD to try it out myself. I tried to convince my mom and the rest of my family to try it, but it took a while before they did.

A few months ago we were moving into our new house getting stuff from storage and cleaning it, and my mom “accidentally” found out how amazing this stuff is! At a stronger dilution, she was able to clean off gunk and mildew-covered wooden benches without harming the wood! Now she now uses it for everything! I love walking through my house and smelling that spicy clean smell!

That is another of my favorite things about it. It has such a high dilution rate, one bottle of concentrate makes 32 bottles of cleaner! In short, a little dump’ll do ya! :) DEFINITELY worth it, not just in its effectiveness, but also in peace of mind for our young’uns!

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