Friday, May 20, 2016

ANNOUNCING.....Making a Chemical Free Home - Facebook Class

I am SO excited to announce our newest facebook class!

In today's time we struggle with so many different sensitivities, reactions and devastating results from the harsh chemicals that have made their way into each and every one of our homes. I was almost dismayed at learning about some things I was using every day that increased my risk of cancer by over 50%!!

Being in a large family, I know it can be overwhelming to think of having a harsh chemical-free home, especially when you don't know where to start or what all to look for! Well, that's the purpose of this class. We will look into some specific chemicals found in our daily household products and then go into steps we can take to begin replacing some of these harsh products with easy-to-make pocket-friendly homemade products using essential oils and other simple ingredients.

We bring it down to overwhelming-made-simple by showing smaller steps to take to achieve the greater goal of a harsh-chemical free home. One of the most exciting aspects of it for me is that this is just another area where I can turn to the Lord, getting back to the basics of His creation when it comes to my home and family!

Now that several of you want to come... wink emoticon

Any of you who decide you'd like to host one of these classes for your own facebook friends and schedule it by the end of May will receive a FREE copy of the Chemical Free Home Vol. 1 by Melissa Poepping! grin emoticon

Please feel free to comment, question, pin and share! Let me know if you would like to host a class!

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