Saturday, May 28, 2016

How Essential Oils Affect the Body Systems - Yaasha Wheeler

Some people wonder: “Are essential oils like natural pharmaceuticals? Will they make my [symptom] better?” Okay, here’s the truth: Essential oils are more like vitamins than like medicine. Let me explain.

When you take a medicine, it is designed to target a symptom and help relieve that symptom. The problem is that just fixing the symptom may not fix the underlying cause, which is a compromised body system. Stomach pain, for example, may be temporarily fixed by medicine, but if the underlying cause (a compromised digestive system) is not attended to, that symptom will likely reappear even after treatment.

Vitamins, on the other hand, help the body to stay in good working order. They ensure that your body’s systems are balanced and supported properly. The painful stomach, for example, will be likely to improve when the overall health of the whole digestive system is supported.

Essential oils are similar to vitamins in that they are best at SUPPORTING, REPAIRING and BUILDING healthy body systems. A healthy system is one that is consistently cared for and given the tools it needs to maintain its optimum balance. Essential oils penetrate every cell to bring their healthful properties and, through consistent use, they can indeed become vital parts of supporting your body systems.

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